Disinfection of interiors and surfaces with IZA Effect Fogger 

The Fogger is a reliable and durable device for working in a variety of industries. It is also suitable for disinfection of external surfaces - deck chairs, wardrobes… It has a 1600ml tank. Consumption 100ml to 250ml per minute. The flow and size of the droplets are adjusted by simply turning the dosing head even during operation. 

When is disinfection needed?

  • When moving into a new house or apartment.
  • When moving into an old apartment or house (especially when buying a furnished apartment or house).
  • During major epidemics - diseases.
  • In business premises where a large number of people are staying.
  • When buying a used car, motorhome or mobile home.
  • In holiday homes, which we use for a shorter period of the year.
  • In dining rooms, restaurants, kitchens, cold stores, gyms, gyms, saunas, wellness centers…
  • In rooms already infested with mold.
  • In areas threatened by mold.
  • In rooms where people stay barefoot.

What do we prevent by disinfecting the room?

  • Development of mold in premises and on equipment, fungal diseases, development of bacteria and viruses. 

Disinfection with a fogger is very easy. The spray range is up to 8m, so in a smaller space (approx. 50m2) you can stand at the door. Spray approx. minute, then withdraw from the room and close the door. We recommend goggles and a mask.

Protect yourself, your family, and the employees in your company. Make sure your home or business is safe from viruses, mold, bacteria and fungi. Due to the unique application technique, the rooms will be flawless and the feeling of living in such a space will be more pleasant and, above all, completely healthy.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Small and handy
  • Fast disinfection
  • High efficiency
  • Light weight
  • Quiet operation


Fill the tank with disinfectant. Always set the sprayer quantity control to the lowest setting level and, prior to filling the tank with solution, disconnect the appliance from the power mains. Turn the solution tank cap in the counterclockwise direction and pour the prescribed quantity of solution or liquid into the tank. Do not overfill the solution tank. Close the solution tank cap.

Check the appliance effective range. Locate a power outlet at a suitable location, so as to ensure that the spray droplets reach the target objects. Connect the appliance to the power mains.

Prior to starting the appliance, make sure the sprayer quantity control is set to the lowest setting level. Start the appliance and set the desired velocity.

Turn the sprayer quantity control in the counterclockwise direction to set the desired sprayer quantity.


Battery Fogger F-8

Electric Fogger F-8