Complete disinfection of larger premises

The mobile decontamination catalyst belongs to the group of machines used in laboratories, medical institutions, in research and in the production of pharmaceutical products. In addition, the device can also be used in business and private premises. The device is intended for use in combination with decontamination devices that use hydrogen peroxide for decontamination. It enables faster decomposition of the used decontamination agent.

Working principle

The device is placed in the middle of the place, which we want to decontaminate. By using the button on the timer the device is activated. The delay timer is set for user to leave the room and the device starts the decontamination automatically. 

The current phase of the decontamination cycle is indicated by colored lights on the sides of the device.




We recommend the use of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (H2O2) prepared at a concentration of 4,9% or more. The size of the container is 5 litres. A higher concentration (up to 30%) can also be used, but it is necessary to determine the operating times of the device according to the previous done tests. 

In addition, all protective and safety measures relating to the decontamination used, need to be followed. The user is responsible for the proper handling of the decontaminant and the device.

Device management

Device is controlled via touch screen on the top of the device. The operator must type in the delay time and the decontamination room volume, which enables the device to calculate dosing time and evaluate time until safe re-entry. After the delay time has passed the device activates the compressor and starts dosing the decontamination medium. 

The device can also be used for other applications, such as increasing the humidity in the rooms, cooling with water mist or similar. With such an application, it is mandatory to use a spray medium that is not dangerous or. harmless for health (water or similar). The main purpose of the device is not to create water mist for cooling.


Outside dimensions H x W x L [mm]1080 x 520 x 380
Weight (without disinfectant) [kg]45
Operating time [min]up to 30 (accuracy 1 min)
Disinfection room volume [m3]up to 500 m3
Electrical connection [V/Hz/kW]230 / 50 / 1,7
Noise level [dB]75
Consumption of disinfectant [g/min]100
DecontaminantHydrogen peroxide
Decontaminant packagingPlastic bottle 5L


  • Only trustful people can work with the device.
  • Responsibilities of each individual must be clearly defined.
  • Make sure that only properly trained staff works with the device.
  • Staff must be trained to work on the device under the supervision of an appropriate specialist of the supplier/customer.
  • Interventions on the electric equipment of the device may only be carried out by an electrician or another person working under his supervision and in accordance with electro technical rules.
  • Interventions on the pressure device (if fitted) may be done only by qualified staff.
  • All users of the device must have passed an examination for work protection.