Faster disinfection process

The mobile decontamination catalyst belongs to the group of machines used in laboratories, medical institutions, in research and in the production of pharmaceutical products. In addition, the device can also be used in business and private premises. The device is intended for use in combination with decontamination devices that use hydrogen peroxide for decontamination. It enables faster decomposition of the used decontamination agent.

Working principle

Decontamination catalyst is a compact device that works in combination with different decontamination devices. The device contains a fan and a catalyst, that enables faster decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. This shortens the neutralisation phase in the decontamination cycle, faster entry into the room is possible. For its operation, it needs electrical supply with an electrical plug to the SCHUKO socket in the room. The main switch allows to turn on the device or electronics.

It can work on its own or by connection to the device to DECON Professional, which enables control through phone or a tablet. The device is assembled for the user, connection to power supply is necessary. It is possible to replace the catalyst.

Shorter neutralization time

Before use, the user measures the decontamination space or determines its volume. Sets the appropriate dosing time for the decontamination agent on the decontamination generator. To this time is added the appropriate exposure (activation) time, which depends on the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide solution, the sum represents the time before the decontamination catalyst is activated.

The operating time of the device depends on the volume of space, which is determined from the attached graph

The graph is prepared for the decontaminant hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 4,9%. In addition to the concentration, the effectiveness of the decontaminant also depends on the manufacturer and the additives and stabilizers associated with it.


Outside dimensions H x W x L [mm]450 x 658 x 450
Weight (without disinfectant) [kg]28
Operating time [min]0-9999
Disinfection room volume [m3]up to 500 m3
Electrical connection [V/Hz/kW]230 / 50 / 0,2
Noise level [dB]65
Consumption of disinfectant [g/min]N/A
DecontaminantHydrogen peroxide
Decontaminant packagingN/A